A downloadable game for Windows

Try, Die, Learn and Retry! This is the ultimate challenge, escape the nightmare!

The game is available both in English and French

--Quick Story--

His name is Number 42. He is trapped in a very dark dungeon. He tried to escape from this place. When he was almost at the end, the enemies surrounded him and killed him.

Death means end, normally. Actually, this was only the beginning...

Something very strange happened, and put him back in time, before this tragic situation. He doesn't know how. He doesn't even know why he is confined in this place, but something is sure... he will escape, and this time he has a big advantage : Even if he dies, he can start again and again to achieve his goal!

Let's begin the escape!


We highly recommand to play with a  controller for the best experience.

The game have automatic saves and your progress on the demo will be saved for the full game!

Made with C#/MonoGame. Thanks Gamecodeur! 


Always The Same Nightmare Demo 1.0.zip 37 MB

Install instructions

Step 1: Download the .zip file

Step 2: Unzip it

Step 3: Launch AlwaysTheSameNightmare.exe and enjoy!


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Merci beaucoup super boulot et surtout super beau. Par contre je ne passe pas le test du: courir +saut +saut +dash impossible pour moi d'atteindre la plateforme.... :(   Après c'est peut être moi qui ne suit pas dégourdi. Je vais retenter 5 min pour voir car le jeu a l'air vraiment prometteur. Bravo encore pour le boulot.

Re: désolé mais j'ai réussi :)  fallait courir bien avant de sauter  sinon il y a pas assez d'élan.  Aller je suis reparti dedans ;)


Neat art! (:


Really great pixel art! Really liked the game! It is in my Top 5 of the week!

Check my video!


Thanks for playing! Glad you appreciate it! :)


Amazing game dev :D

Thanks for playing!