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Welcome to Bloopy & Droopy !

In this Game Boy fashioned platformer, you will be able not only to jump, double jump or run, but also to drill everywhere you want to ! As Bloopy or Droopy, you must led them in order to help each other and progress through the level.

This prototype shows you the "Desert Wasteland" zone, which consist in 3 levels and a boss.

You will discover that the temperature is very very hot and you need to take water from every part of the level, else you will die ! Adding to that the monsters which are trying to kill you from everywhere !

So now, please hit the download button and help both Bloopy & Droopy passing through these very hot levels ! 

Good luck !


[FINAL] Bloopy & Droopy JackPot Game Jam Final release.rar 10 MB


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Sorry to report this, but my antivirus ate up the game, and doesn't wanna give it back. A web build would be very useful.

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Hey ! Wow that's really weird :// However we can't make a web build, we do not use Unity or a web compatible framework for this game... Maybe try disable your antivirus while trying the game then enable it again when you have finished played it ? It should work, we can assure you that our game is not a virus. We are really sorry for the problem...